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Kapacitetsregnskabet er det eneste realistiske alternativ for budgettering med mening i Resultat-center opdelte virksomheder - under opture såvel som nedture  - med fuld lønsomheds- og likviditets kontrol. Markeds alternativer kan vurderes og prioriteres efter relativ lønsomhed inden for rammerne af den bestående kapacitet. Kapacitets alternativer efter nytteværdi og finans alternativer efter fleksibilitet i tidsvinduer og beredskab  


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Business Plan Pro Software PDF Udskriv E-mail
Wednesday 03. June 2009

Create a Business Plan

With over 500 sample business plans included, Business Plan Pro 11 will help you create a business plan that gets results.

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Act Now! Business Plan Pro 11 is the perfect tool for any small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to complete their business plan quickly and professionally, and get on with running their business. The software creates a great looking document for bank managers and loan officers, while helping business owners better understand and grow their business.

Full Description

To get started, simply download Business Plan Pro  you can also choose to have the packaged software sent to you. This new version contains more than 400 sample business plans, so you never have to worry about writer's block. This dynamic software tool gives you a logical order to create your plan, gives instructions and examples at every step and formats your plan for a professionally printed document.

Additional resources allow you to immediately access over 9,000 industry profiles. An extensive integration of Web resources assists you with funding, research, and distributing the plan, plus it contains easy access to SBA loan documents. With a library of MS PowerPoint templates, you can easily turn your business plan into an impressive presentation.

Key benefits include:

  • Industry-specific information is built into the software, saving you time and money.
  • Produce a professional looking document that will impress the most critical business audience-bankers, investors, and venture capitalists.
  • Complete financial tables with automatic 3-D color charts help you manage cash flow, forecast sales, and track your profits.
  • Help and guidance at every step make Business Plan Pro 11 the fastest, easiest, and most powerful planning tool available.

PREMIER version

For larger companies, business planning experts and consultants, Business Plan Pro 11 PREMIER is the most advanced business-planning software available. No other business-planning product compares with its functionality and flexibility. PREMIER contains all the features of Business Plan Pro 11 and more, including:

  • Powerful collaboration tools which enable you to work efficiently and effectively with your team to create an impressive plan.
  • Combining several plans into one to see the big picture and track results.
  • More advanced financials, including expanded sales forecasting, personnel planning, and profit and loss statements.
  • Enhanced cash flow management with the graphical Cash Pilot(tm) tool.


Business Plan Pro 11 is for the entrepreneur who has decided to start a business and needs to generate a business plan that covers everything from basic company overview to a detailed description of finances. The software manages the components of this document to help you pull all the details together. Consequently, you are free to focus on content. When you're all done, the software compiles everything and produces a finished document that you can hand over to bankers and investors with confidence. This latest version is more comprehensive than ever, with more sample plans, and an easy-to-use interface that helps you through each crucial step.

Peer Review

"This is tremendous software. The automated financial statements alone are worth the purchase price. Easily navigated, it is light years ahead of most of the books and worksheets, and much cleaner than the other software I've tried."
Steve Crow, Founder
A Better Business Plan

"Business Plan Pro is a roadmap to lead us down the right path. When I get in front of people, I print out pages from the plan because the amount of detail shows them what this new business will look like. It's an educational tool."
Bruce Meador Jr.
AC Power Corp, Dallas Texas

"I'm a one-person business-consulting firm. Bankers love the format of Business Plan Pro; thus, clients are successful, too. The plan brings it all together. Business Plan Pro makes my one-person business look very large and professional."
Larry Siglar


  • Build a comprehensive business plan with instructions and examples at every step.
  • Save hundreds of hours with bullet-proof financial tables.
  • Import critical visual elements and data to support your vision-text, data, charts and more, from QuickBooks(R), Word(R), Excel(R), PowerPoint(R) and other commonly used programs.
  • PREMIER version includes unique email-based collaboration and additional powerful financials.


Download: $99.95
Full box version: $99.95 (plus shipping)

PREMIER version
Download: $299.95
Full box version: $299.95 (plus shipping)

QuickBooks(R) is a registered trademark of Intuit Corporation, Word(R), Excel(R), PowerPoint(R) are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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